A game where you combine chickens to make different kinds of chickens!

Use the Arrows on keyboard to move the white box

Press X while the box in on a chicken to select it. selections are marked by a yellow glow.

If you press X while on the selected chicken it will be deselected.

If you press X with a chicken already selected, if the chicken that the box is on top of is the same type as the one selected, they will merge and become another breed!

see how many breeds you can discover!

I have no idea how it is possible.

All chickens are (based on) real breeds.

The game Autosaves so if the tab gets closed don't worry!

Finally got to 64 Chickens!

Thank you dad for the musical ideas!

I made this for the olc::BeatTheBoredom game jam during COVID-19 Quarentine. the theme was OUTDOORS.

Update 4/11/2020: Fixed grass merging

This game has a chicken limit of 64 but if you go to https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=37489 you can play it with a limit of 256 chickens.

StatusIn development
AuthorCandyColt Games
Made withPICO-8


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Wait, there are 32 or 64 breeds?

You mean I have to combine 2^32 chickens? :D

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I guess... XD and there are 64 breeds

did you use a game engine and if so which?

Its made in Pico-8, a fantasy console.

Btw I'm not the author, just some random dude that was passing by

Yeah its pico 8 (I'm the maker)

It's really relaxing! I love it! Will there be a Cart version? I'd like to download it and play offline in my P8

One suggestion: Make the chickens merge at the position of the last chicken selected instead of the first, that way if you want to merge the result with a new one you have the white box already on top of it

Yeah good idea! I will post this on PICO-8 as soon as possible.

Here is the link to it on pico-8.com


howw many chickens are therere??

oh 32 lol I'm still on like 10 or something, think about how long it would take wow, how fast do chickens spawn?

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about every second. but it depends on how many chickens you have. i will probaly make it so you can save all your chickens so you dont have to restart.

EDIT: Autosave feature added in update 1.0

good idea!

Thanks. When I play it just for fun, it gets annoying when i lose all my progress and a lot of the chickens nobody will see because they would half to play for a half hour strait (or somthing like that i did not do the math).